4 Jamaican Foods You Need To Try That Aren’tJerk Chicken

Jerk Chicken is arguably the most popular Jamaican dish as it is a delicious option that many love around the world. That said, there is more to Jamaican food than Jerk Chicken, as numerous other great food options make for a delectable meal. Wat’s On Your Plate is here to enlighten you on those other types of dishes so that you can give them a go on your next visit with us!


Jamaican Curry

Curry is a style of food that has been popularized throughout various regions of the world. Jamaican curry brings a unique style to this dish with specific flavors that truly enhance the eating experience. Jamaican curry uses fresh, burned curry powder with a coconut milk base or a creamy tomato blend to create a stunning flavor profile like no other curry. Along with the curry base, this dish is best enjoyed with chicken, pork, goat, or vegetables and a side of rice!



Oxtail is another popular dish that stems from Jamaica. Oxtail is the tail of cattle and is known for being a tasty piece of meat when prepared correctly. Oxtail is almost always stewed and seasoned with fragrant herbs and spices, fried, then slow-cooked for numerous hours. Often served with rice and peas, this meal is sure to leave you feeling full and satisfied.


Ackee and Codfish

Ackee and Codfish (or various other types of fish) is Jamaica’s national dish. It combines the flavors of the ackee fruit and sauteed salt fish, along with a blend of seasonings, vegetables, and even rice. Although this might seem like a hardy meal best suited for lunch or dinner, Jamaicans most often enjoy this dish as breakfast, as it gives you the fuel to start your day off right!


Delicious Sides

Many must-try Jamaican sides are known for accompanying main dishes with their unique and delicious flavors. One of the most popular foods to use are Plantains as they can be used in various ways and offer a flavor that is good any time of day. Roti, is a type of flatbread in Jamaica, is used in nearly every dish. You can compare Roti to a fluffy tortilla or naan bread from India, as it is the perfect replacement for forks and spoons!

Next time you visit Wat’s On Your Plate 1 or 2, make sure to try these delicious meal options! We know that you love Jerk Chicken, but we can guarantee that these dishes can be an excellent replacement for when you feel like trying something new. Visit our restaurant to give them a go today!

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