A Beginner's Guide to Jamaican Cuisine

If you're looking for a rich and diverse culinary experience, Jamaican cuisine is the way to go. From jerk chicken to ackee and saltfish, Jamaican dishes are full of flavor and spices that will leave your taste buds dancing. Read on to learn more in our Beginner’s Guide to Jamaican Cuisine from Wat’s On Your Plate in NYC.

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Know the Essentials

Jamaican cuisine is known for its bold and spicy flavors, with a mixture of African, European, and Asian influences. Some staples of Jamaican food include jerk seasoning, plantains, rice and beans, and goat curry. Make sure you try some of these iconic dishes as they'll give you a true sense of Jamaican flavors.

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Try Some Unique Dishes

Jamaican cuisine has a vast range of unique dishes that are not as widely known, but they're equally delicious. For instance, Mannish water, a soup made with goat's meat, is a staple at most gatherings in Jamaica. Similarly, ackee and saltfish are a popular breakfast dish that's made with sautéed onions, peppers and, of course, Jamaica's national fruit, ackee.

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Know Your Spices

Spices are a crucial component of Jamaican cuisine, and you must know a few basic ones to understand the flavors of the food better. Some of the most widely used spices include allspice, ginger, thyme, and scotch bonnet peppers. These spices come together to create the rich and bold flavor profile unique to Jamaican cuisine.

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Find a Local Jamaican Restaurant

Finally, if you want to try the best of Jamaican cuisine, you must find a local Jamaican restaurant. At Wat’s On Your Plate in NYC, our authentic Jamaican restaurant offers all of the traditional flavors of Jamaica like Jerk chicken, Ackee, plantains, and plenty of seafood.

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