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Best Places to Visit in New York City

Spending a few days in The Big Apple is perfect for doing more than reliving your favorite film scenes —New York City is an ideal hotspot for shopping, sightseeing, and discovering new delicious restaurants. If you’re planning on spending a few days in the Manhattan or Bronx areas of NYC, Wat's on Your Plate has your shortlist of must-see destinations. Conveniently located not too far from our two Authentic Caribbean and American restaurant locations, your itinerary needs to include these best places to visit. Hit all of them up all in one day and stop by and enjoy the best Jamaican food in New York City at the end!


Beautiful Central Park

Central Park is the perfect location to have a leisure stroll and to have a lovely outdoor picnic. Our Wat's on Your Plate staff recommends taking a little break from the hustle and bustle of New York by grabbing lunch and enjoying it outside among the green grass, lakes, and wildlife of Central Park. Stop by one of your new favorite unique restaurants in New York City and enjoy well-seasoned, savory foods in this calming haven away from the city traffic.


The Famous Times Square

To understand the full scale and specialty of New York City, tourists young and old must visit Times Square. Seeing all the bright billboards and browsing through all the large stores is absolutely essential for a great vacation to the East Coast. Take your own iconic photos before continuing your sightseeing walk and tasting the best Jamaican food in New York City at Wat's on Your Plate.


The Empire State Building

Get a true bird’s-eye view of “The City That Never Sleeps” by visiting the 86th and 102nd observation decks of the Empire State Building! Whether it’s before or after your lunch of the best Jamaican food in New York City, Wat's on Your Plate recommends visiting this famous landmark and crossing it off your bucket list! Located just a cab ride from our two unique restaurants in New York City, the Empire State Building is a perfect destination.


The Bronx Zoo

Whether you’re traveling with children or just want to feel like a kid again, The Bronx Zoo is northeast of the Upper Manhattan Wat's on Your Plate location. This Metropolitan zoo is a hub for observing and learning more about famous wild animals from around the world, all in-between penguin and sea lion feedings. Walk the over 260 acres of zoo landscape and have the best Jamaican food in New York City for lunch!

Fill out your upcoming travel plans with all these locations from our Wat's on Your Plate must-see list and let us take care of your meals. Look through our menu online today to learn more about our associate meat and seafood dishes.