Jamaican Dinner Party Menu — What to Make!

Jamaican food is known for its spice and range of flavors that you find nowhere else. At Wat’s On Your Plate in New York, we bring the flavors and style of the Carribbean to your plate. If you are looking for ideas to spice up your Jamaican-themed dinner party menu, here are a few ideas to get you a solid start and make you everyone’s favorite host! Don’t feel like cooking? Reach out to us to cater some of the best Jamaican food in the city!


Hot Pepper Shrimp

Seafood is always a hit, and shrimp often accompanies some of the best Jamaican food recipes. Hot pepper shrimp is a delicious and spicy (not for the faint of heart) dish that is sure to bring some life to the party.



Similar to spinach, callaloo is native to Jamaica and a popular staple in the diet of those that live on the island. This dish makes for an incredible side and will bring a taste of Jamaican flavor to any menu! If you are looking to make some of the best Jamaican food possible, try your hand at making callaloo.


Jamaican Curry

Similar to the Asian curries you may be used to, Jamaican curry utilizes Scotch bonnet peppers and some extra allspice and turmeric to create a flavor like no other. Curious what Jamaican curry tastes like? Check out Wat’s On Your Plate and discover one of the most interesting restaurants in New York!


Jerk Chicken and Rice

Last but absolutely not least, jerk chicken and rice is a staple in Jamaican culture. If you are looking to cook a delicious Jamaican-themed menu and are looking to please, you cannot go wrong with jerk chicken!

As one of the most interesting restaurants in New York City, we are committed to providing our customers with a food experience like no other. If you need some inspiration to cook a Jamaican meal for family and/or friends, check out one of the best Jamaican restaurants in New York!