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The Different Flavors of Caribbean Seafood

One of the best parts about Caribbean food is that it is incredibly versatile and varied when it comes to its styles and tastes. Anyone can find a bit of what they want if they explore any given menu. Wat’s On Your Plate offers those meal options to everyone, even outside of the islands themselves. Explore our options and find an exotic dish that is right for you today! In the meantime, let us walk you through some of the different flavors of seafood that we can offer you.


Spicy shrimp on a skewer

Pick Your Spice Level

Since it is something that is added in during the cooking of the dish, spice-level can be very customizable when dealing with a dish such as Caribbean fish dishes and the likes. When you dine with us, you can determine what level of spice you want on your plate.

White fish with herbs on it

Variety of Fish

One of the benefits of dining with Wat’s On Your Plate is that we offer a wide variety of options for our customers when it comes to the availability of different fish from the Caribbean region. Whether it is Mackerel, Conch, or Ackee, you can be assured that what you’re eating is as deeply delicious as it is exotic.

Seafood stew


A popular method of approaching Caribbean seafood is to make a stew out of your meats and veggies. A beneficial aspect of a stew is that it allows the flavors to blend and work together in order to achieve the perfect, tropical taste that can take you away from the city and practically make you feel like you’re in the Caribbean.

Shrimp on some fried rice

Classic Seafood Dishes

You don’t have to be looking for something exotic when dealing with your choice in Caribbean seafood. Traditional dishes, such as shrimp and rice are prepared with the utmost care and attention to flavor that anything else on our menu would be. Get a taste of the islands, either way.

Do yourself a favor and take a minute to explore our wide variety of seafood options. You owe it to yourself to find a dish that you absolutely love when shopping for Caribbean food in New York City.

Get in touch and let us help you find the perfect seafood dish for your needs today!

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