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Traditional Flavors of Caribbean Food

One of the largest draws when it comes to Caribbean food is the variety of flavors that the dishes have to offer. Caribbean cuisine uses spices that come from all over the world and blends them in a truly unique style. Read below to find out more about the traditional flavors involved in dishes from the area and order from Wat’s On Your Plate in New York to find a flavor that fits you now!

jerk chicken

Jerk Flavoring

The first dish that most people think of when they are talking about Caribbean or Jamaican cuisine is jerk flavoring. Jerk is a delicious blend of herbs and spices that combine to create a warm and inviting taste that is warm, spicy, and truly unique to the area.



As one of the ingredients in jerk flavoring, ginger helps to offset the more intense spices. It brings a powerful, but gentle sweetness to the flavor of Caribbean food. You can use it in your most intense dishes, or just use it as a garnish in a drink. Ginger is truly versatile, and can help to build a unique flavor blend in any meal.

red pepper

Red Pepper

In contrast with the sweetness that ginger can bring to a dish, red pepper brings the heat. Cayenne pepper starts out as a flavor enhancer but, when given some time to sit on your palette, will warm you right up. Keep some water nearby!



The healthy heart of Caribbean cuisine is allspice. This sweet and spicy mixture is indigenous to the islands and Central America. It brings its flavors from the fruit of an evergreen tree to your plate and enhances your dish.

Caribbean food has a long tradition of blending flavors from around the world into something that is recognizable and delicious. Wat’s On Your Plate brings that experience to the New York area with dishes that are as authentic as they are delicious. Order from us today and experience the taste for yourself!