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Wat’s On Your Plate, A Hidden Gem

No judgment here, but if you haven’t had Wat’s On Your Plate, then we are politely asking you the same question. You’ll discover a restaurant that provides you with something unlike anything you’ve ever had this far from the Gulf before. Uncover a gem and read on to find out more about the authenticity that Wat’s On Your Plate offers to NYC restaurants.


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The Caribbean Comes to NYC

As the first New York location of its kind, Wat’s On Your Plate has cemented itself as a staple in the five boroughs. Jamaican food that brings the soul of the Caribbean to New York had been missing from the city for too long. Finally, there’s a restaurant that harnesses the culture of the island and brings it to the city.

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Authentically Jamaican

Many of you are familiar with Jamaica’s most famous dish, jerk chicken. And with a cacophony of flavors like that, we don’t blame you. Authentic Jamaican food draws upon lineages of people who incorporated a plethora of tropical fruits and vegetables into their diets. Things such as guavas and papayas are paired with Caribbean marinated meats and fish, allowing Wat’s On Your Plate to offer you the most genuine tastes possible.

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Various Delivery Services Offered

Sharing a meal around a table with community is truly Jamaican, and understanding that dining out may not be what it once was, we are happy to deliver to you. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner seven days a week, as well as offering catering, you can always satiate your appetite for the Caribbean.

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More To Come!

Growth is on the horizon as we prepare to open a second location that will have a more central focus on seafood. In addition, very soon everyone will be able to share a drink when they visit as well! Wat’s On Your Plate is proud to serve genuine seafood to New Yorkers, and look forward to continuing what we do in the future.

Authenticity of the island through cuisine, that is what you will find from Wat’s On Your Plate. We offer a family owned restaurant experience with true personality and flavor. You can always find the best Caribbean culinary comforts no matter the time or place. There’s plenty more to come, but shouldn’t you order today?

Call one of our two locations or order online at watsonyourplatenyc.com.