Weird Foods From Around the World

When you grow up eating the same foods, it can feel overwhelming trying other dishes. However, to create a worldly palate, it is important to indulge in other types of foods so that you can see what you like and maybe the things you wont try again! At Wat’s On Your Plate in New York City, we bring a different taste to the food scene with our Caribbean and Jamaican inspired dishes. Whether you want to try something completely new or you want to stick to something you know, we have something for everyone. Keep reading to learn about some weird foods around the world and visit us today to try some mouthwatering cuisine!

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Bulla and Pear

Bulla and Pear is actually not that weird of a dish, in fact it is probably something similar to what you eat often! This dish is a popular treat in Jamaica and consists of Jamaican cake that is made with molasses, spiced ginger, and nutmeg, and is paired with what they call pears! However, pears are not what we consider pears, they are avocados! Bulla and Pear combines a sweet cake with fresh avocados to make one of their most popular treats.

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Chicken Feet

While chicken is used in many popular dishes in America, chicken feet is something we tend to not use. However, chicken feet is actually very popular in many different dishes across the world. Most dishes use chicken feet as a part of their stews, soups, and broths! Chicken feet is not only used as a source of flavor and protein, but it is also used because it can improve bone health.

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Cuy is one of the most delicate and popular dishes in Peru, South America. This famous dish is made of fried or roasted guinea pig and is often used the same way we use chicken. Most often, this dish is served with potatoes and salsa!

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Fugu is most popular in Asia and is what we know as pufferfish! While you may enjoy a delicious seafood dish, like Caribbean seafood, you may not have considered pufferfish as your main course. Fugu is typically served raw as sashimi, and mostly in the wintertime. However, while this may be a popular dish in Asia, it is largely banned in the United States and can only be served with a specific license!

While the dishes at Wat’s On Your Plate may not be as weird as some you may find across the world, we do create an atmosphere where you can indulge in high-quality and mouth watering meals inspired by Carribean and Jamaican food. No matter what you may like, you can find something for everyone with us. Indulge in something new and visit us today!

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