Jamaican food

Why Is Jamaican Food So Unique?

When dining in New York with Wat’s On Your Plate, you can guarantee that you are getting an authentic Caribbean experience even though you are over 1,000 miles away from the islands. Jamaican food has a rich history filled with a very distinct style and flavor that draws people from all over the world to try it. Order yours today!


Jerk-style food

Jerk Cooking

One of the most well-known culinary hits from Jamaica is the jerk style of cooking your food. The specific jerk spice, which is native to Jamaica, is typically dry rubbed on various meats (famously, jerk chicken), which gives it a hot and spicy, truly unique taste that is hard to forget and difficult to resist.

Jamaican cooking

A Mixture of Methods

An interesting aspect of Jamaican food culture is that the cuisine is prepared using styles from all around the world. Because of the cultural history of the Caribbean, you’ll find a mix of food flavors and cooking influences from the Middle East to China, Africa, and every place in between. There truly is a melting pot of culinary history in every bite.

Fresh produce

Delicious Ingredients

A large portion of Jamaican food dishes has consistent ingredients that make it instantly recognizable to any fan of food. Rice, beans, cilantro, bell peppers, and coconuts are the main staples of many dishes. The way that they are incorporated into dishes makes it easy to identify when you are eating something authentically Jamaican.

Jamaican food

Fresh Food and Culinary Ingenuity

One benefit of dining on cuisine from an island in the Caribbean is that the ingredients are locally-grown or caught fresh from the surrounding waters. Jamaican food is based on using the fresh ingredients that you have around you to create the widest variety of dishes possible. Keeping those dishes interesting with limited variations in ingredients takes a level of culinary ingenuity that separates Jamaican food from everyone else.

The Jamaican food experience is truly a unique one, with a wide variety of different flavors at play in every bit of Caribbean cuisine. Whatever your tastes might be, there exists a specific dish of seafood or jerk chicken that will leave you craving more.

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